College Savings Dolls

A friend of mine had a fantastic idea of creating dolls with realistic proportions for girls to play with. Not only are the dolls part of the play, but the idea behind it all is also promoting saving for their college education.

College Savings Dolls says it best right on their website. One doll with two big ideas!

I’m honored to have been asked to create some of the career clothing and additional outfits as prototypes. Unfortunately, these first rounds of clothing need to be done this week – so it’s going to be a fairly quick turn around.

I’m hoping I can use some of my existing patterns for BJDs, but if not, at least I can modify them. 🙂 Look for pictures later in the week – hoping for a few quick pieces to be whipped up.

In the mean time – a couple quick pictures of the dolls themselves. Loving them and I totally can’t wait to see them for sale on the market!


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