College Savings Dolls – Clothes!

I mostly sew for BJDs, but when a dear friend of mine asked me to sew for her new line of dolls, I couldn’t wait to get started.

College Savings Dolls are wonderful dolls with realistic body proportions. Check out their site as well. 😀

In preparation for the Chicago Toy and Game fair, she requested career-based clothes for the girls.

I started out with a fairly basic skirt and sweater, and then created the sundress and cardigan. I’ll also be working on nurse and doctor scrubs.

College Savings Dolls
College Savings Dolls
College Savings Dolls

The Hiding Kitty – MaskCat Dolls

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine linked me to a photostory on Den of Angels showing an SD-size doll receiving a doll of her own. When I first saw the story, I didn’t think a whole lot about it – it was cute as a photostory, but that was it at the time.

Over the next few weeks, my friend starts talking more and more about this newer company.. how the little dolls have bodies with SD10 proportions (which I absolutely love!), and how they can wear Lati Yellow/PKF/Blythe clothes.

I finally gave up and decided to find out more about these little dolls and what company is making them. (Gee, thanks Kiyono!)

After looking around on DoA and Facebook, I found the company: MaskCat Doll.

OMG! The special size dolls are so stinkin’ cute! At 21cm, they are a bit taller than PKF, and with the immature proportions, they can still wear some of the same clothes.

I’m absolutely head-over-heels for Ceci. Seriously, check out her adorableness!

MaskCat Ceci

MaskCat Ceci with Nutcracker

MaskCat Ceci with Flowers

And they are currently running a promotion for tan skin until July 16! The tan skin is a lovely color compared to the normal skin.. Check out Aruna in both skintones – it’s a great picture to show the body sculpt as well. <3

MaskCat Tan Aruna

I actually just found out that they also offer a 2-part layaway on their website. Woot! That is really tempting – especially since they are offering their girls in tan skin for a limited time.

There are also 60cm girls available. I have heard rumors of a 60cm Ceci… and am secretly crossing my fingers. 😉

College Savings Dolls

A friend of mine had a fantastic idea of creating dolls with realistic proportions for girls to play with. Not only are the dolls part of the play, but the idea behind it all is also promoting saving for their college education.

College Savings Dolls says it best right on their website. One doll with two big ideas!

I’m honored to have been asked to create some of the career clothing and additional outfits as prototypes. Unfortunately, these first rounds of clothing need to be done this week – so it’s going to be a fairly quick turn around.

I’m hoping I can use some of my existing patterns for BJDs, but if not, at least I can modify them. 🙂 Look for pictures later in the week – hoping for a few quick pieces to be whipped up.

In the mean time – a couple quick pictures of the dolls themselves. Loving them and I totally can’t wait to see them for sale on the market!


Possible New Doll?

So I was talking to my sister the other night about the possibility of her getting a doll. I know there are a lot of specials going on, but the biggest concern is to make sure we can get one with monthly payments that won’t be missed. Ideally less than $20/month.

That really makes it difficult to find a doll that is within her budget – but it can be done!

I remember seeing a few days ago that Mint on Card is offering 10% off of the Only-Doll line AND they can be put on a 6-month layaway for any order over $100.

We figured out that if she wanted one of their 1/6 dolls with a faceup, she could get one for around $22/month. OR we could each get one without faceups, have them shipped to me, and it would only be $18/month. Woohoo!

We’re not 100% sure if now is the right time, but the pricing does seem right! Now we are looking at Only Doll 1/6 dolls. Let me tell you, I’m soo tempted by YouBai & YouNan.



Heard of Aquarius Doll?

I was poking around Den of Angels today and came across an announcement from a new company regarding the launch of their 43cm/MSD line.

Aquarius Doll looks like they just launched at the start of the year.

They look so adorable! And I really wish I was able to get one during their sale. They are offering 10% off dolls + 50% off shipping until February 20.

Check them out! I’m absolutely in love with Ella but Mia & Ava look amazing as well. What do you think?