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  • CloverDolls Box Opening Thumbnail New Video: CloverDolls Box Opening! Dounat the Dragonling and Cthulhu BJD I ordered Dounat and Cthulhu back in September 2019 from Mariya at CloverDolls and they just arrived on June 2, 2020. πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ Dounat the Dragonling is for me and the Cthulhu is a very late Christmas present for my husband. The entire experience from the initial communication through to delivery was fantastic! Check out Cloverdolls […]
  • Capsule Chix Video Header New Video: Toys for My Toys! I posted a video yesterday about some toys I recently received for my toys. Capsule Chix are so cute and so much fun! 😍 I’m so impressed with these little dolls – the jointing and options are great! If you’re interested in purchasing your own, help out the channel and use the Amazon links below. […]



Resin Melody
Resin Melody is in Orlando, Florida.
Orlando, Florida
One of my next project dolls... I have so many dolls to work on! It’s so hard to choose which one gets to be done first.

Also, would people be interested in live streams of me working on dolls? πŸ€”

#dollzonemoon #dollzonemoondragon #bjdwip