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  • 3 types of meetups - public, private, and conventions. 3 Types of BJD Meetups What types of meetups are there, anyway? Well, there are basically 3 different types of meetups that can take place in a variety of locations. These include public spaces, private residences, and conventions/events. I’ve been to, and lead, a large number of meetups since 2005 and have found pros and cons for each type. 1. […]
  • What are meetups? What are BJD Meetups? After moving to Florida, I knew I wanted to meet people who were active in the hobby that could share in my obsession. We previously explored how to meet people in the hobby, and meetups are a fantastic option to meet new people or get to know those you’ve met online! While some of this […]
  • How to meet BJD people in the hobby. How to Meet People in the BJD Hobby Since my husband and I have (yet again) moved to a new area, I thought this might be a good time to create a series that looks at how to meet people in the BJD hobby, attending meetups, types of meetups, and how to plan successful get-togethers. The last time we moved (2.5 years ago), […]


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Resin Melody
Resin Melody
Reposting old photos of the dye removal process on an Elfdoll Soah. It took a lot of work, but she looks fab!