What are these things?
These dolls are called Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJD). They’re made from polyurethane resin, strung with elastic, and have ball-and-socket joints.

How much are they?
They range in price from about $70 to however much you want to spend (some discontinued, limited dolls sell for several thousand dollars!).

Why are they so expensive??
These dolls are essentially art-dolls. Most of the companies producing them are very small – usually just 1-3 people who handle everything from sculpting to casting to selling and more. They are meant to be customized and really do encompass a wide range of options when it comes to creativity. Personally, I really enjoy sewing for them, painting them, and photography.

Where can I learn more about them?
I would highly recommend joining Den of Angels forum. It is a fantastic resource for all aspects of the hobby.

What dolls do you own & where did you get them?
..::.. SD & Larger ..::..
DollMore Model F Ha-Yarn Cho
SoulDoll Paris
Volks SD13 Girl Jun Tachibana
Volks SD13 Girl Songstress Cyndy
Volks SD10 Girl Ushiwakamaru
Volks SD10 Girl Mimi

..::.. MSD ..::..
Volks MSD Enn 2nd Season Version
Volks MSD Midori in Preschool
Volks MSD F04
Dikadoll Rena

..::.. Slim MSD ..::..
DollZone Felian
DollZone Yan
Unoa Lusis
Fairyland Mini Fee Large Bust Dark Elf Soo

..::.. YoSD / LTF ..::..
Dollzone Bb Ani
Volks Yo-SD Papi
Fairyland Little Fee Bisou Boy
Fairyland Little Fee Bisou Girl
5StarDoll Bibi

.::. PKF / Lati Yellow .::.
Fairyland PukiFee Luna

..::.. Other Sizes ..::..
Volks Sei-Tenshi
MaskcatDoll Aruna
MaskcatDoll Ceci
DayDreamerDolly Eulen the Owl