Shipping & Returns

How much is shipping?

Shipping in the US is FREE and only $10 to all international locations regardless of how much you purchase.

What shipping methods are used?

All items, both domestic and international, are shipped via USPS First Class mail and include tracking.

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns or exchanges of items unless it was due to an error on our part.

Oh no! My address is wrong! What can I do?

If your address was entered incorrectly on your order, and it has not shipped yet, please contact us ASAP! We’ll be happy to work with you to get it updated.

If your order has already shipped, we will have to wait and see if it is returned back to us. If it is received back, we can reship it to the correct address at your expense for the actual cost of shipping.

About BJD

What are these things?

These dolls are called Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (ABJD). They’re made from polyurethane resin, strung with elastic, and have ball-and-socket joints.

How much are they?

They range in price from about $70 to however much you want to spend (some discontinued, limited dolls sell for several thousand dollars!).

Why are they so expensive??

These dolls are essentially art-dolls. Most of the companies producing them are very small – usually just 1-3 people who handle everything from sculpting to casting to selling and more. They are meant to be customized and really do encompass a wide range of options when it comes to creativity. Personally, I really enjoy sewing for them, painting them, and photography.

Where can I learn more about them?

I would highly recommend joining Den of Angels forum. It is a fantastic resource for all aspects of the hobby. There are also a number of Facebook groups dedicated to BJD where you can see photos and ask questions.

What dolls do you own, and where did you get them?

..::.. SD & Larger ..::..
DollMore Model F Ha-Yarn Cho
Dollshe Bernard
SoulDoll Paris
Volks SD13 Boy FCS F-16
Volks SD13 Girl Jun Tachibana
Volks SD13 Girl Songstress Cyndy
Volks SD10 Girl Ushiwakamaru
Volks SD10 Girl Mimi
Luts Delf Juri 05
Island Doll Ellie

..::.. MSD ..::..
Volks MSD Enn 2nd Season Version
Volks MSD Midori in Preschool
Volks MSD F04
Bambicrony Sunday on MYOU body

..::.. Slim MSD ..::..
DollZone Felian
DollZone Yan
Unoa Lusis
Fairyland Mini Fee Large Bust Dark Elf Soo
Fairyland MNF Shushu
Bimong Narae 404

..::.. YoSD / LTF ..::..
Dollzone Bb Ani
Volks Yo-SD Papi
Fairyland Little Fee Bisou Boy
Fairyland Little Fee Bisou Girl

.::. PKF / Lati Yellow .::.
Impldoll Verne

..::.. Other Sizes ..::..
Volks Sei-Tenshi
MaskcatDoll Aruna
DayDreamerDolly Eulen the Owl