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BJD Restringing Tutorial – Single-Jointed MSD – Step by Step Walkthrough

Join me as I walk through the process of how to restring a BJD! My model is a Volks MSD F-04 – a single-jointed BJD.

The video is a bit long, but there is no time lapse and no voice over! Each step is fully explained to help you feel comfortable restringing your own ball-jointed doll.

Not sure what size elastic you need? Cool Cat has an awesome size chart!


Pipe Cleaners (paid link) –
Rattail Silk/Nylon Cord (paid link) –
Elastic –
Dollmore Restringing Tool –
Volks Restringing Tool (SD) –
Volks Restringing Tool (MSD) –
Hemostat (paid link) –

The Video: MSD Restringing Tutorial

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New Video: CloverDolls Box Opening! Dounat the Dragonling and Cthulhu BJD

I ordered Dounat and Cthulhu back in September 2019 from Mariya at CloverDolls and they just arrived on June 2, 2020. πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ Dounat the Dragonling is for me and the Cthulhu is a very late Christmas present for my husband. The entire experience from the initial communication through to delivery was fantastic!

Check out Cloverdolls for more pictures, details, and work-in-progress!

  • Instagram:
  • In-progress & prototype photos:

The Video: CloverDolls Box Opening!

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New Video: Toys for My Toys!

I posted a video yesterday about some toys I recently received for my toys. Capsule Chix are so cute and so much fun! 😍

I’m so impressed with these little dolls – the jointing and options are great! If you’re interested in purchasing your own, help out the channel and use the Amazon links below. πŸ˜„

They’re the perfect size for 1/4 (MSD/MNF) and 1/3+ (SD+) ball jointed dolls.

Links to Capsule Chix Dolls:

Capsule Chic Sweet Circuits Collection (paid link) –
Ultimix 4 Pack (paid link) –
Ctrl+Alt+Magic (paid link) –
Giga Glam (paid link) –
Holo Glow (paid link) –
Ram Rock (paid link) –

The Video: Toys for my toys? Heck yeah!

BJD Meetup Planning: Buddy System

Plan a Successful BJD Meetup

Use the Buddy System

Have you ever planned a meetup, posted it everywhere you can think of online, told all of your doll friends about it, and showed up on the specified day and time only to wait for others to show up? And wait…… and wait….. and wait…. only to realize several hours later that nobody else is coming? No? Well, consider yourself lucky!

I remember years ago, shortly after I joined the hobby and experienced the above scenario, a friend and I made an agreement that we would always schedule a meetup when the other could attend. This would ensure that, even if nobody else showed up, there would always be at least one other person there.

If you’re new to the hobby, it makes sense that you may not have another doll collector to join you – that’s OK! See if another friend or family member would be willing to hang out for a while until others show up. This way you won’t have to wait by yourself and have someone to chat with while waiting.

There doesn’t have to be a big to-do made about where or when a meetup will be – just plan it with one other person and post online to let others know where you will be and when you will be there. If others can show up – they will! If not, at least you’ll have a good time with your friend or family!