Love this! Dollmore Trinity Doll – Snow Flower LE10

We are absolutely loving Dollmore’s new Trinity Doll – Snow Flower (White Jude)! She is limited to 10 dolls, and simply stunning.

The doll is delivered with:

  • BW doll with special face-up and red nails
  • Clothes set: kimono, under kimono, obi, head ornament, tabi
  • Eyes: D – Grey Basic 26mm Glass Eye (HA05)
  • Wig: (13-14) Soft Straight Wig (Black)
  • Two futon
  • Jude-size carrier bag

After playing with a friend’s Dollmore Lusion Elf Dahlia last weekend, I have to admit the bigger dolls are now appealing. Not sure we can fit them in our current apartment, but some day one will be on the way (hopefully both!).

Check out the gorgeous-ness that is the new Dollmore Trinity. She is just stunning!

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