5 Star Doll Tong Tong – Restoration

A few months ago, I found a 5 Star Doll Tong Tong for sale that needs quite a bit of TLC. I have not been able to get started on this girl until just recently due to getting married.

I am currently in the process of restoring this wonderful girl, and I can’t wait to get her back to her white skin.

All of her parts seem to be there. The previous owner dyed her blue, and it seemed to take unevenly.

From my past experience with dye on dolls, different resins take dyes differently. It also can make a difference if there is still mold release left on the doll, if the doll was sanded at all before being dyed, or even if the doll was sealed with a sealant like Zouk spray or MSC.

I’m hoping to show progress as the restoration is completed. In the mean time, the picture shown is the state of the poor girl when I received her.

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