Possible New Doll?

So I was talking to my sister the other night about the possibility of her getting a doll. I know there are a lot of specials going on, but the biggest concern is to make sure we can get one with monthly payments that won’t be missed. Ideally less than $20/month.

That really makes it difficult to find a doll that is within her budget – but it can be done!

I remember seeing a few days ago that Mint on Card is offering 10% off of the Only-Doll line AND they can be put on a 6-month layaway for any order over $100.

We figured out that if she wanted one of their 1/6 dolls with a faceup, she could get one for around $22/month. OR we could each get one without faceups, have them shipped to me, and it would only be $18/month. Woohoo!

We’re not 100% sure if now is the right time, but the pricing does seem right! Now we are looking at Only Doll 1/6 dolls. Let me tell you, I’m soo tempted by YouBai & YouNan.




Heard of Aquarius Doll?

I was poking around Den of Angels today and came across an announcement from a new company regarding the launch of their 43cm/MSD line.

Aquarius Doll looks like they just launched at the start of the year.

They look so adorable! And I really wish I was able to get one during their sale. They are offering 10% off dolls + 50% off shipping until February 20.

Check them out! I’m absolutely in love with Ella but Mia & Ava look amazing as well. What do you think?