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BJD Restringing Tutorial – Single-Jointed MSD – Step by Step Walkthrough

Join me as I walk through the process of how to restring a BJD! My model is a Volks MSD F-04 – a single-jointed BJD.

The video is a bit long, but there is no time lapse and no voice over! Each step is fully explained to help you feel comfortable restringing your own ball-jointed doll.

Not sure what size elastic you need? Cool Cat has an awesome size chart!


Pipe Cleaners (paid link) –
Rattail Silk/Nylon Cord (paid link) –
Elastic –
Dollmore Restringing Tool –
Volks Restringing Tool (SD) –
Volks Restringing Tool (MSD) –
Hemostat (paid link) –

The Video: MSD Restringing Tutorial

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New Video: CloverDolls Box Opening! Dounat the Dragonling and Cthulhu BJD

I ordered Dounat and Cthulhu back in September 2019 from Mariya at CloverDolls and they just arrived on June 2, 2020. πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ Dounat the Dragonling is for me and the Cthulhu is a very late Christmas present for my husband. The entire experience from the initial communication through to delivery was fantastic!

Check out Cloverdolls for more pictures, details, and work-in-progress!

  • Instagram:
  • In-progress & prototype photos:

The Video: CloverDolls Box Opening!

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New Video: Toys for My Toys!

I posted a video yesterday about some toys I recently received for my toys. Capsule Chix are so cute and so much fun! 😍

I’m so impressed with these little dolls – the jointing and options are great! If you’re interested in purchasing your own, help out the channel and use the Amazon links below. πŸ˜„

They’re the perfect size for 1/4 (MSD/MNF) and 1/3+ (SD+) ball jointed dolls.

Links to Capsule Chix Dolls:

Capsule Chic Sweet Circuits Collection (paid link) –
Ultimix 4 Pack (paid link) –
Ctrl+Alt+Magic (paid link) –
Giga Glam (paid link) –
Holo Glow (paid link) –
Ram Rock (paid link) –

The Video: Toys for my toys? Heck yeah!