Sad news…

..from the Etsy world. Unfortunately, Etsy has basically done away with the actual forums as we knew them. Most people have moved to an offsite forum ( and it seems to be a great community of people. This is not the sad news… oh, how I wish it were..

A well-respected and loved member of Etsy had a tragedy in her personal life. All of the details can be read here.

Much to my amazement, I have seen the community of Etsy members who loved and respected her band together to create an amazing fundraiser for her family in this time of need. Members have been donating items from their various shops for 100% of the sales to be donated to the family. All items feature free shipping, and there are a ton of fantastic items!

Check out the store!

Helping Hearts store

My thoughts and prayers are with the family daily in their time of sorrow.

~ Tiarah

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