Meet Our Models – Kyoshi (SoulDoll Paris)

SoulDoll ParisName: Kyoshi

Mold/Company: Souldoll Paris

Size: 60cm / SD13 Boy

Age: Mid-Late 20’s

Sex: Male

Usual Wig Color: Blonde

Usual Eye Color: Souldoll Defaults (Green & Blue)

Additional Info: Kyoshi is one of the oldest in the crew. He looks after the little ones and gets along well with everyone. He’s extremely easy going & laid-back. When Lily first stumbled in, Kyoshi took a liking to her right away and they had a bit of a fling for a while. Unfortunately, Lily decided to move on and no longer lives with us anymore.

Kyoshi was the first doll I ever purchased. I was able to purchase him at Anime Central in 2005 (when it was extremely rare to find a BJD dealer at a con!), and started making him clothes that same day. Yes, I am one of the odd ones who brought my sewing machine to the convention. Thank goodness I did, or he would have been naked/wearing a toga for the con! ^.~

Kyoshi is the only big guy (60cm) currently in the house, and he is a great model for our SD13-size boy clothes.

View more images of Kyoshi on his gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=

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