I’m Home!

It took a long time but I’m home! My human is a wittle weird but its ok. She made me take pictures right away. And she pwomised new eyes that IĀ never got. *pout*

See, this is what happened when I first awwived on my birfday, June 03:


Human: Hi! Welcome home!
Me: Wow….really? I’m home?

Me: *looks around* ….this place is pretty big…..

Me: So..does anybody else live here?
Human: oh yes.. quite a few actually… >.>

Me: Well, lets go find them!!

Human: Wait! Before we do that, don’t you want to try some new eyes? Your eyes are a bit dark, you see, and a different color might suit you better…

Me: Really? Hmmm…..

Human: ..but I’ll have to remove your wig and faceplate to do so..
Me: oh….oh! really?

Me: Well, OK. Why not?

*Jeopardy theme song while changing eyes*

Human: Well, what do you think?
Me: *ponders*

Me: Can we try a different color? I thought I saw some pretty green ones over there…..pretty please with a cherry on top?

Human: We can try them another time, but right now I don’t have time.. I’m sorry.. I have to make dinner now šŸ™
Me: *hmph!*

Human: I promise we’ll try them in this weekend, ok?
Me: Fine! Don’t forget!

Me: Man.. maybe I should go try to find the other human who lives here and see if he’ll let me try the new eyes….


I still want the gween eyes, but no. She says she has no time.

Other than that, it’s fun here. IĀ have lots of fwiends. Kyoshi is fun and Midori is my bestest fwiend! I hope IĀ can get pictures soon.

I will write again. But Midori wants to pway. *runs off*