DairylandBJD Summer Meetup

DairylandBJD Summer Meet 2014

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it! *dances*

DairylandBJD forum is hosting their annual summer meetup in Madison on July 19.

A few of us are getting a hotel to make it a full weekend of dolly goodness. And I’m so excited!

Attendance was limited to 100, so if you weren’t able to grab a spot this year, join the forums and keep an eye out for next year! There are tons of dolls to see, and many people bring items for sale.

If you WERE able to grab a spot – can’t wait to see you there!

What: DairylandBJD Summer Meet Up
When: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Time: 10am-5pm
Badger Columbus Club
5256 Verona Road
Madison, WI 53711

2012 Meet Up/Event Schedule

For 2012, I am going to be listing not only the large meet-ups/conventions, but also the smaller Chicago-area meet ups that Resin Melody will be attending. They will be posted on the “Schedule” page.

While we may or may not have sales items, it’s always fun to meet new people and see new dolls!

If meets are hosted at someone’s private residence, the location will be withheld, but a link to the appropriate forum for RSVPs will be included.

Most meet ups are posted on either ChitownDollz or Dairyland BJD forums. Feel free to join & meet us! We don’t bite. 😉

Looking forward to posting more events/meet ups for next year, and hopefully meeting new people as well.

~ Tiarah =^.^=

KollisionCon 2011 – After Report

We had a fantastic time at KollisionCon 2011 and are finally recovered! Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

If you are just finding out about the BJD hobby, be sure to check out the links for the Dairyland BJD forum and the ChitownDollz forum.

Dairyland BJD is a forum primarily serving the Midwest. It started in Wisconsin and has since spread worldwide. Most members, however, reside in the Midwest.

ChitownDollz is a forum serving the Chicago-area. We might not chat on there as much as we’d like (most of us are on Dairyland and tend to chat there more), but we do post all of our Chicago-area meetups on Chitown.

We also met some new friends while participating in Artist Alley. 😀 We hope to see them at other conventions!

Feel free to check out Paradise Rose on Etsy. Lina makes the most adorable cupcake and sweets jewelry! She also makes the cutest bows, stars & lace brooch/hair accessories. Perfect for the sweet lolitas and mori girls out there.

Also check out Sweet Plushie Cake Creations on Etsy. Tasha makes the most awesome fleece hats out there! They are super cute and amazingly warm! She also does custom plushies, and her plushies are excellent quality! Don’t hesitate to contact her if you have something in mind. I’m sure she’ll be able to help you out!

As for Resin Melody‘s Etsy shop, we will be updating the shop with new items this week. Stay posted!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at future meetups and conventions!

If anybody has any questions, please feel free to contact me!

~ Tiarah =^.^=

Dairyland BJD Summer Meet 2011

We had a fantastic time at the Dairyland BJD Summer Meetup in Madison!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to moderators of Dairyland BJD & meet planners. The entire event ran so smoothly and it was a ton of fun!

Resin Melody was able to successfully run a restringing demonstration and we were able to get a few dolls some much needed help. 😉

Thank you to everyone who came! And we can’t wait to see you at the winter meetup in January 2012!

~ Tiarah =^.^=