MaskCat Girls Are Home!

OMG I just received my MaskCat girls – tan Ceci & tan Aruna on Friday.. They are so stinkin’ adorable! And it’s a good thing, too, because our post office seriously sucks.

Fabric Friends and Dolls was not to blame at all. Iris addressed the package correctly, but our post office didn’t want to give it up.

BUT I have the girls now, and s’all good! Wootwoot! šŸ˜€

I originally ordered the girls with 2 different eyes – one pair in green and one pair in a gray-blue. I received a pair in a gorgeous dark blue in lieu of the green ones. While slightly disappointing, I really can’t complain since they are stillĀ beautiful.

MaskCat Ceci & Aruna

On Saturday, we were supposed to get together at a friend’s place for a sewing day. Unfortunately, she had a power outage due to bad storms Friday night. So instead of sewing, I did the girls’ faceups.

I haven’t touched my faceup supplies (other than moving them, of course) in over 2 years! o.O

MaskCat Aruna & Ceci with Faceups

Actually, I don’t think they came out too bad. Not their final faceups, but good enough for now. šŸ™‚

Aand, I completely forgot how much I enjoy doing faceups.

Automaton BJD Inspirations

A friend was over tonight and asked me for some files I had on my netbook that I haven’t used in several months. I actually just recently came across a few pictures I had grabbed from Google Images for inspiration while I was digging through the computer for other files and was reminded of some mods I had wanted to do. Unfortunately, I do not have links to the pages they originated from.

I currently have 2 dolls I would like to mod into automatons. I have so many ideas, and am really looking forward to having time to focus on them.

Doll #1 is an old Souldoll SoulKid Aru
When I say old – I mean old-school. She has been discontinued for years, and is on Souldoll’s 2nd MSD-size body which is closer in proportion to Volks MSD. (The 3rd version of the body is when Souldoll switched from the child-like bodies to be more of a mature/slim mini.)

Doll #2 is a damaged Bobobie Bao
I purchased him inexpensively since he was dyed bright red and had some other damage.

I’m so excited to get started on all of the project dolls I have accumulated over the past few years. Hopefully this year will be the year of completion!

Inspirational images….

5 Star Doll Tong Tong – Restoration

A few months ago, I found a 5 Star Doll Tong Tong for sale that needs quite a bit of TLC. I have not been able to get started on this girl untilĀ just recently due to getting married.

I am currently in the process of restoring this wonderful girl, andĀ I can’t wait to get her back to her white skin.

All of her parts seem to be there. The previous owner dyed her blue, and it seemed to take unevenly.

From my past experience with dye on dolls, different resins take dyes differently. It also can make a difference if there is still mold release left on the doll, if the doll was sanded at all before being dyed, or even if the doll was sealed with a sealant like Zouk spray or MSC.

I’m hoping to show progress as the restoration is completed. In the mean time, the picture shown is the state of the poor girl when I received her.