Faceup Commissions Info

.::. about me & my style .::.

​I have been collecting and customizing BJD since 2006. I generally paint more natural looking face-ups. If you would like something more specific, please contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss! I live in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home. The dog is generally not allowed in the room where I keep my doll items, but he does live with us.

.::. location .::.

Florida, USA

.::. prices .::.

face-up (any size – includes removal of previous face-up!): $30
application of eyelashes
provided by me: $3
provided by you: FREE​
face cover (if eyelashes applied & no face cover provided: $3​

.::. materials .::.

Zoukei-Mura (ZM) Finishing Powder Spray UV-Cut
ZM Acrylics
ZM / Prismacolor / Pan Pastels
ZM Acrylic Paint Thinner
ZM Shine Pearl Powder (White)
Tamiya X-22 Gloss
Leekeworld Eyelash Glue
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Winsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer

.::. waiting time .::.

Approximately 3-4 weeks.
Usually face-ups can be done sooner than 3-4 weeks, but I like to give a little bit of a buffer in case of bad weather.​

.::. shipping options .::.

Shipping costs (including tracking & insurance) are the responsibility of the owner both ways. How you would like the doll parts shipped is entirely up to you (First Class, Priority Mail, Express Mail).

It is safe to plan for shipping costs to be approximately the same for return shipping as you originally pay to ship the item(s) to me.

.::. payment options .::.

Payment is made via Paypal or Square invoice (I do not charge fees!).

.::. how to commission me .::.


Send me a message with the following information (form below):

Full Name:
Shipping Address:
Phone Number (alternate form of contact – just in case):
Email Address:
How many heads (no limit):
Doll size (YoSD, MSD, SD, etc.):

Face-up Information (for each head):

Colors (lips, blush, eyelids, eyebrows, no preference):
Eyebrow Shape (arched, straight, sad, angry, no preference, etc.):
In-depth Description (optional):

.::. what to include in the box .::.

The head / faceplate
Your username & full name
Eyelashes (if supplied)
Face cover (if eyelashes applied)
Your doll’s eyes & wig if you would like to see pictures with these on. If not included, I will take pictures with eyes & wig from my personal collection.

.::. faq .::.

Q: Do you work on recasts?
A: No, I do not work on recasts. Please respect my decision and do not send recasts.

Q: Do you send in-progress pics?
A: I can send in-progress pictures upon request.

Q: Who is responsible for the doll while s/he is away from me?
A: This is a 2-part answer.
1. I take full responsibility should anything happen to him/her while the doll is in my possession.
2. I am not responsible for any damage that might occur during shipping to/from me.