Quiet Enjoyment or Loud & Proud?

When I first started in the BJD hobby, I was so excited; so obsessed! I spoke up and out, and I talked about these “omg super amaze-balls dolls!” whenever and wherever I could… to whomever would listen.

Meetups were arranged and attended – more frequently than not (much to my then-boyfriend/now-husband’s dismay). Dolls were brought to work (a coworker was even converted!), the fabric store, and even grocery shopping.

Photos were taken everywhere – outside our apartment, next to a pretty flower outside of work, under the shade of a tree in a shopping center, museums, aquariums, the zoo, stores… you name it, I probably took pictures there.

To be honest, I started the hobby very much in the “Loud & Proud” category.

Looking back on it, I made some amazing friends, and wouldn’t change my hobby’s start for anything. BJDs opened a door to a fun-loving, accepting, diverse community.

But lately I have been moving more and more into the “Quiet Enjoyment” category.

I still talk about dolls with my friends, but my dolls are no longer my profile photos/avatars, I don’t take them out with me just because, and I’m not one to pull them out in public places for photo ops. I DO, however, still enjoy talking about them, sewing for them, and taking quick Instagram snaps here & there.

Having been in the hobby for over 10 years, I am now quite content to collect them for my own enjoyment without forcing my collection on others. I will always love meeting new people in the hobby, but it’s not a ‘must do’ for me anymore.

What about you? Do you tend to quietly enjoy your dolls without telling many people you collect them? Or are you “loud and proud” – sharing your hobby with anyone and everyone who will listen?

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