We’re back!

Back in April, my entire hosting account was hacked and overwritten. Talk about crazy! Every single file – GONE. All the coding files – GONE. All my pictures – GONE.

I didn’t have any back ups – my laptop died and both of my external hard drives crapped out on me. When I contacted my hosting company about it, they didn’t have any back ups. Great hosting company they are.. *sigh*

I was in the middle of prepping for Anime Central in mid-May, and my first priority was getting ChitownDollz back up and running. Resin Melody had to wait…. but only until today! (Woot!)

I was lucky enough that I had previously considered switching over to using Blogger for my blogging platform, so some of my stuff was backed up. There will still be missing images and broken links throughout the past posts, but at least some of the information, posts, and pictures were saved!

2 thoughts on “We’re back!

    1. Thanks! 😀 I’m disappointed so many posts were lost, but at least I was able to recover 3 years worth.

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