Previous Loves – Hanna

Luts Cutie Delf Cory

I have decided to start a series of posts showcasing dolls I have previously owned & loved before.

Hanna was a modded Sleeping Cutie Delf Cory by Luts. She is one that I go back & forth on whether or not I would buy her back if I saw her for sale.

Cutie Delfs were Luts’ original tiny dolls before the Honey Delfs. They had a one-piece, genderless (“Angel”) torso and were single jointed. There were only 2 different face sculpts made – Mary and Cory.

They were very cute, child-like sculpts with chubby little bodies. <3 So cute!

2 thoughts on “Previous Loves – Hanna

  1. Keep on Blogging!!!!!! We want to see more of your previously owned and loved. And on a side note – one of Carolyn’s previously sold dolls is on the market and she wants it back!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say sellers remorse?

    1. 😀 Thanks! I seem to have quite a few to show, so they will be coming – don’t worry!

      Seller’s remorse is a tough one.. especially when it’s your exact doll that shows up in the marketplace.

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