Automaton BJD Inspirations

A friend was over tonight and asked me for some files I had on my netbook that I haven’t used in several months. I actually just recently came across a few pictures I had grabbed from Google Images for inspiration while I was digging through the computer for other files and was reminded of some mods I had wanted to do. Unfortunately, I do not have links to the pages they originated from.

I currently have 2 dolls I would like to mod into automatons. I have so many ideas, and am really looking forward to having time to focus on them.

Doll #1 is an old Souldoll SoulKid Aru
When I say old – I mean old-school. She has been discontinued for years, and is on Souldoll’s 2nd MSD-size body which is closer in proportion to Volks MSD. (The 3rd version of the body is when Souldoll switched from the child-like bodies to be more of a mature/slim mini.)

Doll #2 is a damaged Bobobie Bao
I purchased him inexpensively since he was dyed bright red and had some other damage.

I’m so excited to get started on all of the project dolls I have accumulated over the past few years. Hopefully this year will be the year of completion!

Inspirational images….

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