Drow Luts Kid Delf Elf Nara

I have been working on customizing a discontinued Kid Delf Elf Nara head and a Dollzone 1/4 female body to be a drow elf.

The head was received directly from Luts back in 2008 or so, and it was a lovely shade of beauty green. >.< There was a bit of frustration at the time since Luts tried telling me the head was sold out AFTER I ordered and paid (via bank transfer no less), and I pushed the point that the head was in stock. Apparently, the only head in stock was the beauty green one…

The original plan was to put the head on a MNF large bust body, so both were ordered together. Unfortunately, other people have differing opinions as to what “fits” when it comes to a hybrid head/body combo. The neck-hole in the head was way too small to fit on the MNF body neck.

I was finally able to try the head on my Dollzone Feilian’s body, and the fit was PERFECT! However, the resin match was pretty horrible.

This all took time to take place, and I was just recently able to finish dyeing her and giving her a faceup. She came out really cute, in my opinion! I would love to do more of these, but it takes FOREVER to dye the dolls. Especially Dollzone – the resin did NOT want to take the dye without waiting forever…

She actually came out very even, which was surprising. The last doll I dyed black still ended up a bit streaky/splotchy.

I will be posting pictures sometime this week! And she will be available at KollisionCon in St. Charles, IL.

~ Tiarah =^.^=


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