Meet Our Models – Collin (LTF Bisou Boy)

Fairyland Little Fee Bisou BoyName: Collin

Mold/Company: Fairyland Little Fee Bisou (Boy)

Size: 28cm/Yo-SD/LTF

Age: 4-ish

Sex: Male

Usual Wig Color: Brown

Usual Eye Color: Blue

Additional Info: Collin is a your typical 4-year-old. He gets into everything and admits nothing. 😉 He loves to play jokes on the others. Collin and Midori love playing together. He absolutely refuses to wear pink, since “pink is for girls!”

Collin can be seen modeling clothing for LTF/Yo-SD size boys and (much to his horror & dismay) girls.

View more images of Collin on his gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=

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