Meet our Models – Yumiko (DollZone Felian)

DollZone FelianName: Yumiko

Mold/Company: DollZone Felian

Size: Slim MSD

Age: Mid-Teens

Sex: Female

Usual Wig Color: Brown

Usual Eye Color: Currently SoulDoll P42 / Orange-Brown

Additional Info: Yumiko looked up to Lily when she was still living here. She always tried to hang out with her, but Lily found her annoying and refused to spend time with her. Because of this, Yumiko feels quite left out from the others, and tends to spend time alone.

Yumiko was a birthday present from my boyfriend when DollZone first released her. She has gone through a few face-ups over the past few years, but is now settling in nicely.

She can be seen modeling clothing for slim MSD girls.

View more images of Yumiko on her gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=

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