I’m Home!

It took a long time but I’m home! My human is a wittle weird but its ok. She made me take pictures right away. And she pwomised new eyes that I never got. *pout*

See, this is what happened when I first awwived on my birfday, June 03:


Human: Hi! Welcome home!
Me: Wow….really? I’m home?

Me: *looks around* ….this place is pretty big…..

Me: So..does anybody else live here?
Human: oh yes.. quite a few actually… >.>

Me: Well, lets go find them!!

Human: Wait! Before we do that, don’t you want to try some new eyes? Your eyes are a bit dark, you see, and a different color might suit you better…

Me: Really? Hmmm…..

Human: ..but I’ll have to remove your wig and faceplate to do so..
Me: oh….oh! really?

Me: Well, OK. Why not?

*Jeopardy theme song while changing eyes*

Human: Well, what do you think?
Me: *ponders*

Me: Can we try a different color? I thought I saw some pretty green ones over there…..pretty please with a cherry on top?

Human: We can try them another time, but right now I don’t have time.. I’m sorry.. I have to make dinner now 🙁
Me: *hmph!*

Human: I promise we’ll try them in this weekend, ok?
Me: Fine! Don’t forget!

Me: Man.. maybe I should go try to find the other human who lives here and see if he’ll let me try the new eyes….


I still want the gween eyes, but no. She says she has no time.

Other than that, it’s fun here. I have lots of fwiends. Kyoshi is fun and Midori is my bestest fwiend! I hope I can get pictures soon.

I will write again. But Midori wants to pway. *runs off*

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