BJD Measurements | Tinies!

Size charts for BJDs have been started, and the Tinies chart has been posted!

Check it out!

There is a ton of information! To view it all, you can scroll both left & right, and up & down.

If you’re looking for a specific company or size, use the search box on top of the measurement chart, and it will automatically filter what is displayed based on what is entered. Want to sort the chart? Simply click on a column header to sort by measurements, companies, or models.

I know several dolls and companies are missing from the chart. If you’d like to help fill them in, please send me a message with measurements of missing dolls/companies. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

In the meantime, the SD size chart has been started and should be posted soon. After that, the MSD chart will be started & posted. Keep an eye out for updates!

Hope the chart helps!


For the past year or so, my husband and I have been on quite the journey. We’re still here and we’re still alive!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the direction Resin Melody has been going and what I would eventually like it to be. That means there will be some pretty big updates taking place over the next several months. 

Resin Melody as a blog will be shifting focus. Less about me, my sewing, and my own dolls… More about BJDs in general, the community, what’s new, and resources. 

I will be shifting my personal blogging to a new site, but I haven’t decided on a domain yet. Shop updates will still happen here, though. 

Which leads me to…

Resin Melody as a shop is still alive and kicking. We are on Etsy right now, but there are big plans for more this year!

I’m really excited for the upcoming changes! 

If there is anything specific you would like to see, please let me know!

We’ve Moved (Again)!

So I seem to have a wonderful habit of moving approximately every 2 years.. Normally, though, the move is just across town. This time, we’ve moved 400 miles northwest from the Chicago area to Minnesota!

I got a new job in March (yep, that’s why the silence!) working for a high school student exchange organization (International Experience). I’m absolutely LOVING it! Now we just need to finish placing our incoming students for the fall…

I’m really hoping that once things calm down a bit, I’ll be able to get back into sewing more creations and customizing dolls. I have a number of new purchases that need to be painted and even some I will be customizing for sale. So many fun things to do, but real life must come first… 🙁 (I can’t wait to be done with our move!)

We’re back!

Back in April, my entire hosting account was hacked and overwritten. Talk about crazy! Every single file – GONE. All the coding files – GONE. All my pictures – GONE.

I didn’t have any back ups – my laptop died and both of my external hard drives crapped out on me. When I contacted my hosting company about it, they didn’t have any back ups. Great hosting company they are.. *sigh*

I was in the middle of prepping for Anime Central in mid-May, and my first priority was getting ChitownDollz back up and running. Resin Melody had to wait…. but only until today! (Woot!)

I was lucky enough that I had previously considered switching over to using Blogger for my blogging platform, so some of my stuff was backed up. There will still be missing images and broken links throughout the past posts, but at least some of the information, posts, and pictures were saved!

On Ebay

Resin Melody is selling a number of items on Ebay! Check out our current auctions here – there are quite a few new and used doll items from other companies. Many of these items are limited and/or discontinued.

In addition to doll items, we are selling quite a few anime related items.

Current noteworthy additions include a signed Wolf’s Rain box set, a signed Cowboy Bebop DVD, discontinued Volks outfits, and more!