New Model is Coming!

We have a new model on the way! After seeing so many fantastic ResinSoul Minis these past 2 Acens, I have realized how much I really like their petite little bodies.

I have a ResinSoul Mei on the way home to me, and I can’t wait to make clothing specifically for her size. I know we are definitely lacking in her size and the ResinSoul tiny (27cm) size, so this is really exciting.

We are hoping to add a ResinSoul Bei or Bobobie March to our little army soon as well, but do not have one on the way just yet. Keep an eye out this year, and we should hopefully have one coming home. 🙂

~ Tiarah =^.^=

Meet Our Models – Midori (DollZone BB Ani)

DollZone BB AniName: Midori

Mold/Company: DollZone BB Ani

Size: 28cm/Yo-SD

Age: 4-6

Sex: Female

Usual Wig Color: Black

Usual Eye Color: Grey

Additional Info: Midori is my little tomboy. She loves her pink sneakers and will wear dresses as long as she can wear those shoes. She’s a super sweet girl and has fun with whatever she does. Midori & AlhanaTsuki’s Yume are best friends. She has also been having fun with Collin in the house since everyone else is “such a girly girl”.

Midori was a Christmas present from my boyfriend when DollZone first released this size doll. She has been terrorizing all the other “girly girls” since day one. 😉

Midori can be seen modeling clothing for Yo-SD size girls.

View more images of Midori on her gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=

Meet Our Models – Chiyo (Volks YoSD Papi)

Volks YoSD PapiName: Chiyo

Mold/Company: Volks YoSD Papi

Size: Yo-SD

Age: 4-6

Sex: Female

Usual Wig Color: Cream (Light Brown)

Usual Eye Color: Brown or Purple

Additional Info: Chiyo is super sweet and really likes dressing in frilly things. She loves spending time with her older sisters Ellie and Arianna and loves animals. She also loves playing with her dollies.

I received Chiyo almost exactly a year after receiving Kyoshi – she was delivered while I was at Acen in 2007 where I was able to have a box opening (how fun!). 🙂 She was my first yo-size doll and the start of a horrible addiction. 😉

Chiyo can be seen modeling clothing for Yo-SD size girls.

View more images of Chiyo on her gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=