Meet Our Models – Gretta

Name: Gretta
Mold/Company: Volks SD10 Mimi
Size: SD10
Age: Late teens / Early 20s
Gender: Female
Usual Wig Color: Brown/Black
Usual Eye Color: Everpurple 039 (picture shows blue with white line glass eyes)
Additional Info: Gretta can be found modelling clothes for SD girls and wigs in size 9/10. She currently has a mostly default Volks face up from back in the day. When I received her head from her previous owner, she had no lip color (not sure why but….yeah), so her lips are currently the only non-default part of her face up. I’ve been itching to redo her since I got her, but real life seems to always get in the way. Hopefully it will change soon!

Gretta - Volks SD10 Mimi

Meet Our Models – Arianna (Volks MSD Midori v2)

Volks MSD Midori v2Name: Arianna

Mold/Company: Volks MSD Midori v2

Size: MSD

Age: 10 – Early-Teens

Sex: Female

Usual Wig Color: Brown/Black

Usual Eye Color: Default Volks HG Olive Green

Additional Info: Arianna loves spending time with her sisters Ellie & Chiyo. She always does her best to help out with the little ones and really looks up to Ellie. Arianna is fairly quiet and introverted. She does tend to come out of her shell when she gets to know you, though.

Arianna can be seen modeling clothing for MSD girls.

View more images of Arianna on her gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=

Meet Our Models – Collin (LTF Bisou Boy)

Fairyland Little Fee Bisou BoyName: Collin

Mold/Company: Fairyland Little Fee Bisou (Boy)

Size: 28cm/Yo-SD/LTF

Age: 4-ish

Sex: Male

Usual Wig Color: Brown

Usual Eye Color: Blue

Additional Info: Collin is a your typical 4-year-old. He gets into everything and admits nothing. 😉 He loves to play jokes on the others. Collin and Midori love playing together. He absolutely refuses to wear pink, since “pink is for girls!”

Collin can be seen modeling clothing for LTF/Yo-SD size boys and (much to his horror & dismay) girls.

View more images of Collin on his gallery page.

~ Tiarah =^.^=