Face-up Fun

I forgot how much I like doing face ups! I was able to finish a few over the past week or so and I can honestly say, I think I want to get back to doing them on a more regular basis <3

I did a face up on a friend’s Dollshe boy (Ebony Bernard). His lips came out super shiny which makes him look über feminine. But his owner loves him so I left it. If I get the chance, I may do a quick spray of ZM spray to lessen the shine.


The same owner also had me do a face-up on his relatively obscure RML 01. Real Missing Link dolls are pretty hard to find now, but I love them! Love this guy!


I was also able to finish up my modded ResinSoul Song. I got him in a trade quite some time ago with the intent of cleaning him up and selling him. Now, I’m not so sure… he’s so stinkin’ cute!


Introducing Ceci & Aruna

MaskCat Girls Are Home!

OMG I just received my MaskCat girls – tan Ceci & tan Aruna on Friday.. They are so stinkin’ adorable! And it’s a good thing, too, because our post office seriously sucks.

Fabric Friends and Dolls was not to blame at all. Iris addressed the package correctly, but our post office didn’t want to give it up.

BUT I have the girls now, and s’all good! Wootwoot! 😀

I originally ordered the girls with 2 different eyes – one pair in green and one pair in a gray-blue. I received a pair in a gorgeous dark blue in lieu of the green ones. While slightly disappointing, I really can’t complain since they are still beautiful.

MaskCat Ceci & Aruna

On Saturday, we were supposed to get together at a friend’s place for a sewing day. Unfortunately, she had a power outage due to bad storms Friday night. So instead of sewing, I did the girls’ faceups.

I haven’t touched my faceup supplies (other than moving them, of course) in over 2 years! o.O

MaskCat Aruna & Ceci with Faceups

Actually, I don’t think they came out too bad. Not their final faceups, but good enough for now. 🙂

Aand, I completely forgot how much I enjoy doing faceups.


Volks Dollfie World Cup!

Volks Dollfie World Cup 2013

I found out about this about a week ago, and I would LOVE to join it!

Unfortunately, the stars have not aligned for me on this one – but maybe for someone else I know? I would love to see Head #02 in person. Talk about adorable! And Head #01 is totally a School A/Lucas/Chris/that-whole-family base. LOVE IT!

Long story short…

Volks is running a faceup contest internationally.

You can buy up to 2 each of their event heads, do the faceups, and submit for a chance to have your faceup in the qualification round held in Japan! WOOHOO!

All of the initial contest entries are due by April 30.

Definitely enough time to get the head & crank out a couple faceups. Honestly, I love doing faceups on the Volks dolls. Love the resin. Love the sculpts. So easy to paint. And at only $206 each, it’s really not a bad price for a Volks head.

Ah well – maybe next time. In the mean time, check it out for more info!

Head 01:

Head 02: