Virtual Sewing Meets!

I participate in virtual sewing meets hosted on Tiny Chat, and found out about them through Den of Angels. Unfortunately, DoA has decided to remove the “Links Out” subforum, and place the links in their wiki. That being the case, I thought I’d post an update here in case people want to join us.


Password: bjdint

Basically, it’s an online chatroom with a webcam option available.

If anybody wants to join in the chat, feel free! People come and go throughout the day, so if there’s nobody online when you join the room, stick around. Chances are, someone will be along shortly.

In all honesty, there’s no requirement to be sewing or have a webcam. It’s just an option. 😉

Questions? Let me know! If I can’t answer them, I can always ask someone who is more knowledgeable and get back to you.

~ Tiarah =^.^=


Infinity Dress #2

This would be my second try at the Infinity Dress. This time it was made for a Narae.

The straps were the right length, but because I can’t stand having raw edges, I doubled the fabric on the “straps” in order to have them completely finished. Unfortunately, that tends to add a lot of bulk when wrapping and tying the dress.

Overall, it still came out OK, but not great.

Narae in an Infinity Dress

~ Tiarah =^.^=


Infinity Dress #1

This was my first attempt at an Infinity Dress for BJD. Overall, it came out very well, but there are still adjustments and improvements that need to be made. Like making the straps longer (they ended up only half the length they should have due to a cutting error on my part). >.<

The pictures are a little blown out since I am still learning the best way to take pictures of my Dollmore Model Doll girl, but the dress is still shown well.

Dollmore Model Doll in an Infinity Dress

Dollmore Model Doll in an Infinity Dress


~ Tiarah =^.^=