Acen Prep

In preparation for Anime Central, I have removed the shop pages from my site temporarily. I look forward to reinstating those pages after Acen and, hopefully, will have a few more products to place up for sale.

Again, Acen is happening 5/14-5/16/2010 so these pages are down temporarily. They will be placed back up after Acen.

Thanks to everyone for your support! And keep checking back – I will have another update within the next couple days.

~Tiarah =^.^=

Sneak Peek #1!

I was able to take a few photos over the past week of a few items that are ready to go for Acen. They are compiled in the collage image below.

As always, keep an eye out for more sneak peeks of what will be available at Acen 2010!

~Tiarah =^.^=


Looking to upload a few pics tomorrow of some examples of clothing that will be available at Acen!

Keep an eye out – more sneak peeks are coming soon!

~Tiarah =^.^=

Busy, busy, busy!

We are busy getting ready for Acen, and have less than 3 weeks to finish sewing! o.O We will have clothing for Yo-SD, MSD, and SD – both girls and boys! (Yes, we will even have Yo-SD size BOY clothes!)

We are also hoping to have fur wigs available, but the pattern still needs some tweaks.

Keep an eye out over the next couple weeks for sneak peaks of what will be available at our tables.

~Tiarah =^.^=