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  • BJD Meetup Planning: Buddy System Plan a Successful BJD Meetup Use the Buddy System Have you ever planned a meetup, posted it everywhere you can think of online, told all of your doll friends about it, and showed up on the specified day and time only to wait for others to show up? And wait…… and wait….. and wait…. only to realize several hours later […]
  • Restoration fo Elfdoll Soah Dye Removal Process on Elfdoll Soah I originally posted this on my LiveJournal ten years ago (10!! omg it’s been 10 years!) when I had the opportunity to purchase an Elfdoll Soah from a friend who had sent her out to be dyed. When he got her back, the dye job was extremely uneven and streaky. At the time, I had […]
  • 3 types of meetups - public, private, and conventions. 3 Types of BJD Meetups What types of meetups are there, anyway? Well, there are basically 3 different types of meetups that can take place in a variety of locations. These include public spaces, private residences, and conventions/events. I’ve been to, and lead, a large number of meetups since 2005 and have found pros and cons for each type. 1. […]


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Resin Melody
Resin Melody
Burgundy wigs have been added to the shop this weekend! 🎉

I’m so sorry for my absence - I’ve had one heck of a cold that just wouldn’t go away. 🤬 I’m at least starting to feel normal again, so regular updates should be happening again. 😄🤗

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