Gaby Sold!

CustomHouse Gaby has been sold! I’m sure she’s going to a great home and her owner will be thrilled with her!

Keep an eye out for more updates over the next couple days as there will be new clothing items listed for sale.


~ Tiarah =^.^=

2 CH Cuties for sale!

The 2 CustomHouse cuties that were for sale at Acen are up!

We have a CustomHouse Gaby and a CustomHouse Sunny for sale. They both come with a faceup, a wig, and a full outfit. They are $200 each, and that includes Priority Mail + Delivery Confirmation + Insurance for the full amount.

CustomHouse Gaby is located here: Gaby Sold!

And CustomHouse Sunny is located here: Sunny Sold!

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know!

~ Tiarah =^.^=

Updates coming!

We are heading out tomorrow to take pictures of items left over from Acen. Keep an eye out for updates happening Sunday night and Monday!

The two little CustomHouse tinies will be posted for sale tomorrow night. Keep an eye out for them as well! ^^

Thanks to everyone for your support!

~ Tiarah =^.^=


For those who were able to stop by during Acen, was there anything specific you were looking for that we did not have? Any styles and/or sizes of clothing?

Please feel free to leave a comment here or via the contact form. We would love to hear what you have to say!


~Tiarah =^.^=

P.S. We still have not heard from the owner(s) of the items left at the Saturday night meetup. As posted on May 16: At one of the meetups there were items left at the tables. The items were left with us at our table since the owner(s) came by quite often over the course of the weekend. We unfortunately did not see the items owner(s) on Sunday. If you left the items, please contact me via the contact form here on the site with the number of doll(s) you had with you, and the type(s) of dolls. I really want these items to go back to the right owner(s) and would hate to get them sent off to someone in error.

Sale Items

Thank you again to everyone who came and visited with us at Acen! We had a great time and had the opportunity to meet awesome people as well as some great dolls (a few of which have made it to our wishlists!).

Please take a moment to check out the items we have for sale. We will be posting items up over the next week or 2 including the 2 little ones that did not have the opportunity to go to new homes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form here.

~ Tiarah =^.^=